History Channel recreates the last supper of Jesus

History Channel recreates the last supper of Jesus

History Channel recreates the last supper of Jesus

The last supper is one of the most momentous events in the history of humanity and has been the subject of multiple studies and artistic interpretations through the centuries. Now, the history channel retrieves this event, studying their roots from the hand of the gastronomic researcher Miguel Angel Almodovar and recreating it with a current look thanks to the creativity of one of the most prestigious chefs in our country: David Muñoz, owner of the restaurant DiverXO, awarded two Michelin stars.

The menu created by chef is composed of five dishes and inspired by two creative lines: on the one hand, the use of ingredients historically, contrasted as bread without yeast and the lamb. and secondly, the recreation of events or images of the last supper or the days before and after it. The result includes dishes such as urchins with Crown of thorns or the trout with cock crests, which allude to the denial of Peter.
Miguel Angel Almodovar, author of the book “Snacks with history”, points out that, according to its studies, “the basic dishes of the last supper were bitter herbs, fish from the neighbouring Lake Tiberias, Paschal lamb and the jaroset, a sweet that evokes the bricks with which Israel was built”. “Eel which opens the menu of David Muñoz – has pointed out – figure in the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci and was a typical dish of the Renaissance lent but not eaten in time of Jesus Christ.”

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